The Importance of Staying Active and Practicing Your Skills During This Downtime!

       We’ve all have been launched into unprecedent times! Whether it’s working from home daily, stocking up on food items, doing at home workouts, or creating creative things to do with the family, we all have had to change the way we go about our daily lives. Parents and kids alike are missing school, music, and sporting events and it’s hard on everyone involved. As we all dwell on what we are missing out on this spring, and potentially summer, we should also be thinking of what we are currently doing to prepare ourselves for when the virus ends. 

      Our kids are use to taking to the field multiple times a week running around and laughing with their friends. These times have now been replaced with more tv and video games as well as an influx of social media usage. Here at Prime Time Baseball, we have been focusing in hard on what our players can be doing to stay active at home while games and practices are cancelled. This pandemic will eventually end, but will your ball player(s) be ready to play? 

Staying Active During the Covid-19

     With everything being closed and social gatherings being shut down, it can be hard to get the motivation to get yourself moving, none the less getting your kids staying active. As your kids get older, they may have outside influences or goals in mind, playing at the next level, that are keeping them working out. For some of those younger players or those without that inner drive to stay active, what can you do? What I’d recommend is to try a few different activities that include the entire family. Below is a list of somethings I have seen going on throughout this pandemic that have kept kids active:

  • Online video workouts
        • Prime Time Baseball has been posting workouts that can be done with little or no weights as well as using household items to complete a workout.
  • Morning and/or nightly neighborhood walks
        • The weather has been great, and it looks like it will continue.
  • Bike Rides
        • Bike trails are still open, and you can social distance and still use them.
  • Card Deck Workout
        • Each suit is assigned to an exercise—e.g., diamonds equal Push-Ups. Bodyweight moves are preferred because you move quickly between exercises. Draw a card and perform the designated exercise for the number reps indicated on the card, 2 through 10. Make the face cards a harder or more challenging exercise. 
  • Neighborhood Workout
      • This one takes a little more coordination but if you (or the kiddos) have time, this is a fun activity I’ve seen work in local neighborhoods. 
      • Ask families in your neighborhood to post an exercise on their front door by writing it on a piece of paper. As your family takes a walk around the neighborhood, stop at each house and complete the exercise listed. 

          Now these are just some examples of what you and/or your family can do to stay active during this time. The most important thing is to get them up and moving multiple times throughout the day. If you feel comfortable enough going out of the house, some fresh air is always nice and can help with any cabin fever. If not, some of the above inside workout options should help.

    Practicing Your Baseball Skills During Covid-19

           Who wouldn’t want to be on the ball field with this wonderful weather or at Nats Park cheering on the defending World Series Champion Washington Nationals. The lack of baseball and competition is very tough on players and coaches alike but when this ends our players need to make sure they are ready both physically and mentally. 

          Think back to last spring when your child went to play their first game/scrimmage/practice. They hadn’t seen live pitching in a few months and even with the ability to train during the winter months, their swing was probably a little rusty because their timing was probably off. That will for sure happen when this virus ends but imagine if we don’t get on the ball field again till late summer or even the fall. For many players, that could be almost an entire year with no baseball which would be a huge disadvantage for anybody.

          Many players are finding creative ways to still practice their craft and get better/stay fresh each day. Whether it be hitting baseballs into a catch net, hitting whiffle balls off a tee in the street or front yard, or doing online video lessons to get up to the minute feedback from coaches. Players need to find a way that works for them to continue working on their skills. Baseball academies are posting drills and workouts along with arm care routines that players can do at their house. 

    Here’s a link to what Prime Time has been doing with our players during this time:

          Everyone will be rusty when baseball returns, and it will take a few weeks to get the flow of the game and routine back. The work you put in now will shorten the gap it will take for you to get back to game shape when the time finally comes. How I see it you have two options during this down time baseball wise. You are either finding ways to get better each day or you are falling behind the competition.

    My question for you: If the season were to start tomorrow, would you be ready to compete?

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